Who goes first?


We want to be part of the solution. Conscious consumerism and sustainable products are goals companies and consumers must tackle together.


Our principles aim to encourage conscious consumerism by asking relevant questions around production processes, sources and materials.


We find the best sustainable products and test them for you before we offer them in our online shop.

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Our main asset as a human being is our brain. It enables us to develop products that allow us to adapt to different types of environments. This is amazing but it also comes with a certain amount of responsibility. We tend to make others responsible for change that is uncomfortable so we keep waiting for something that never happens. Consumers blame businesses for not providing more sustainable options. Businesses blame consumers for not willing to pay for more sustainable products. Who moves first? Let’s not wait for the other side. Take action and trust others to follow suit. Eventually we will have to change anyway. It is only a matter of when. Let’s not wait. Let’s take action and make it happen.

We believe living a sustainable life is only possible if you enjoy it. KITELUST stands for a relentless positive attitude towards life and we want to share that with everyone who is willing to take on the journey with us. Along the way we will try to make it as easy as possible for everyone around us to make good decisions.

A more sustainable lifestyle only is sustainable in itself if you can keep doing it for a very long time. You can only do things for a very long time if it’s fun. So we think the key to success is long lasting joy. Otherwise you will always have to decide between the right way and the fun way. You will have to make that decision over and over again. So it will be very hard to keep making those good decisions. We can only break that cycle if we find a way to have both good consistent decision making and joy in life. This is KITELUST. We offer desirable products that are part of the solution and we help making good decisions easy and fun.