KITELUST was born long before we found a name for it. For us, Svenja and Arian, KITELUST is happiness for the whole family. Our kids Lennox and Tumi enjoy the beach and ocean as much as we do. The beach is our playground, the ocean is our magic place.

We’re passionate kite surfers and used to travel a lot to distant kite spots around the world. A few years ago, we decided to change our lifestyle and to stop waiting for the right moment.

And here we are - Cape Town is our happy place. A place where we feel at home.

The Making of KITELUST

The first two years into the making of KITELUST, we spent hours in fabric shops around Cape Town finding and sourcing the right materials. With the aim to grow our network in the Slow Fashion Industry, our focus was to gain as much knowledge about the local recycled, offcut and upcycled cotton fabrics.

Thanks to the hands that helped us along the way, we are ready to launch our first RECYCLED COLLECTION.

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With the focus on small-batch collection and zero waste designs, our processes are quality based to ensure the reuse of our own offcuts for next collections. We want to encourage our customers to think and live more consciously by providing them with long lasting, good products.

Buy less. Waste less. Gain more.


Our KITELUST products are not packed and wrapped in plastic. Our products come without labels that are sewn in because we think it’s just another piece of waste. We try to avoid all items that easily break to ensure our products are made to last.

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